Graphite heat block, uniform heating, corrosion resistance - $1,281 (New York)

condition: new
make/manufacturer: NJbinglab
model name/number: BZH-R-XJ
1. Product Introduction
The graphite digestion system is an instrument used for sample pretreatment in chemical analysis. It is mainly used to dissolve organic and inorganic substances in solid samples into solutions for subsequent analysis and measurement. It heats the sample in a surrounding heating method, effectively increasing the utilization rate of thermal energy. At the same time, it occupies the front end of conventional digestion equipment with its advantages of higher temperature control accuracy, small differences between holes, fast digestion, energy saving and environmental protection. It can adapt to various types of samples, including soil, water, plants, food, etc. Graphite digesters are widely used in environmental monitoring, food safety, geological exploration and other fields. It can process samples quickly and efficiently and provide accurate and reliable analysis results.

2. Graphite digester parameters
Model: BZH-R-XJ
Temperature control range: room temperature-220℃
Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1℃
Heating material: graphite + Teflon anti-corrosion coating
Number of sample holes: 16, 24, 36, 48, 54, 63, 100 (can be customized according to customer requirements)
Control and display mode: PID temperature control digital display
Power supply: 220v/50Hz
Supporting products: PTFE digestion tube, PFA digestion tube

IV. Advantages of our graphite digester
Advantage 1: High temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and organic solvent corrosion resistance, good stability;
Advantage 2: Fast sample digestion speed, batch processing of samples;
Advantage 3: Fully enclosed design, while preventing heat loss to a large extent, can also effectively avoid acid mist invasion and damage to equipment components;
Advantage 4: Clean and corrosion-resistant: Using a special spraying process, the coating is uniform, firm, and will not fall off after long-term use;
Advantage 5: Using advanced integrated surround heating method, all parts of the sample are heated evenly, and the digestion is fast and complete;
Advantage 6: Easy to operate, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, saving economic costs;
Advantage 7: PID temperature control system, excellent performance, high temperature control accuracy, up to ±1℃.
Advantage 8: The heating rate can be adjusted to achieve program heating and control the heating holding time, and the heating rate is stable;
We advocate stable, healthy and fast experiments!
Application areas
Environmental monitoring: sewage, drinking water, sludge, mineral mud, sewage, soil, etc.
Food and agricultural product inspection: milk powder, fish, vegetables, tobacco, plants, fertilizers, non-staple food, etc.
Consumer product quality control: cosmetics, industrial products, etc.
Scientific research: experimental analysis, project development, etc.
Disease prevention and control: biological samples, human hair, etc.
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